Our first place of worship was a frame cottage on the southwest side of Elizabeth and High Streets here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  As the congregation grew the church purchased a site at 216 Beakes Street and a Church building was erected.  The church at Beakes Street was torn down in 1951 to make way for a completely new building.  We moved into the new structure in 1952 and served the congregation until 1980 when we moved to our present site, 850 Red Oak Road.

Over the years our congregation has had eighteen Pastors.  Of our last three Pastors, Reverend Charles W. Carpenter served our congregation for 35 years; Pastor Emeritus, Reverend Emmitt L. Green served 34 years; and Pastor Reverend Mark J. Lyons served 11 years.

Gradual growth over a long period of time has been characteristic of the Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor congregation.  We have a program of multiple ministry opportunities; this program prides itself on having a ministry that every member can be a part of.  We also know that there is much work to do outside of our church walls and serving our community is also a way to lift up our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our church is grateful that God has been faithful to our congregation, and will continue to let Him lead us through His Holy Spirit.