1. How do I become a partner at SBCAA?
    After worship you will be given an opportunity to make the spiritual decision to give your life to Christ, rededicate your life to Christ, and Partner with us to advance the Kingdom. When you partner with us, you will attend discipleship training, and learn about opportunities to serve in ministry. You will be fully welcomed into our faith community.
  2. When are Discipleship Training classes offered?
    We are creating new curriculum to offer training opportunities in Fall 2016.
  3. Where do my children go during service?
    Children from the ages of 6 and under may attend the child care downstairs in the nursery.
  4. How can I order services online?
    The main menu has a tab called Store – click that tab. Once on the store page you will see a wide selection of sermons that are available for purchase. Click on the message you are interested in and you will be taken to a product detail page. Select the sermon type – example CD, DVD or MP3. If you select a CD or DVD and continue with the purchase, the item will be mailed to your shipping address. If you select an MP3, you will complete your purchase and a download link and receipt will be emailed to you.
  5. I’m getting married! Can I have my wedding at SBCAA?
    You may submit your Wedding Request in person at the church. Once your request has been received you will be contacted by a church administrator to review the wedding policies and procedures and meet with the Pastor for marriage counseling. For more information, please call the church or email us at info@sbcannarbor.org.
  6. Who do I tell if I’m sick, hospitalized and/or shut-in?
    You may call the church to speak with the Administrative Manager or leave a message with the name and contact information of the sick, hospitalized, and/or shut in.
  7. How can I schedule a funeral at SBCAA?
    You may call the church to discuss the details.
  8. How can I receive food assistance?
    Food is available through our Human Services Ministry every Friday from 10am-1pm in the Fellowship Hall. For more information, please leave a message for Brother Harvey Glaze, the Human Services Ministry Leader. It is open to everyone.